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About Us


The Centre for Neuro Skills Clinical Research and Education Foundation (CNS-CREF) Is a not-for-profit foundation whose mission is to further the basis of knowledge about treatment of traumatic brain injury at the post acute level and share that knowledge with practicing professionals, family members of those with traumatic brain injuries and the general public.


To become the world's premiere leader in research and education of brain injury treatment and disease management, improving clinical practice and developing innovative clinical treatments designed to optimize recovery of function.

Goals and Objectives

I. Stimulate research by CNS professional staff
A. Publish several articles per year
1. Peer reviewed scientific journals
2. Other journals
3. Occasional pieces for the popular press
B. Presentation on research findings at conferences
1. National
2. Regional
C. Focus research on relationships between admission status and treatment modalities with outcomes
1. Quantitative
2. Qualitative

II. Develop and Implement Training and Educational Opportunities
A. In-service
1. CNS staff
2. Regional Training institutes
B. Establish linkages with academic programs
1. Interns
2. Post-doctoral opportunities
C. Educational sessions for family members, caregivers and general public

III. Establish and maintain resource center
A. Library
B. Web site
C. Networking
1. Professional community
2. Family members
3. Other interested people

IV. Become self sustaining within three years
A. Grants
B. Contracts
C. Donations
D. Legacy gift giving

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